Low-Code Development Without Compromise

Why the Nabu Platform?

Develop Differently

The Nabu Platform offers a service-oriented low-code development environment where you can build complex applications without having to write any code.

Focus on Business Logic

The Nabu Platform allows you to build applications using design language rather than programming language. This vastly increases development speed while decreasing maintenance costs.


The Nabu Platform comes with tons of ready-to-go modules. From the CMS to the page builder, the task framework to the workflow engine. It's all just plug and play.

Some of our customers

Accelerate Your Development

The Nabu Platform comes with tons of modules out of the box that transform your development process into a connect-the-dots exercise.

This allows you to focus on the business logic rather than the technical plumbing.

Getting your finished application to production should be simple. The platform includes advanced tooling that makes this as easy as possible.

Multidisciplinary Teams

We believe that going from conceptual knowledge to actual implementation should take the least amount of additional effort possible.

Knowing what a REST service is, should allow you to create one without having to learn complicated syntax, annotations, compilers, polymorphism,...

This allows more people to participate in the development process and understand the end result.

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May 17, 2019

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May 16, 2019

The Nabu Platform has seen 10 years of development and at least 5 years of continuous production usage at various clients.